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Rowayat, or stories, in colloquial Arabic, is the first English language literary journal in Egypt. We are innovative, groundbreaking and cultural leaders with an aim to unravel Egypt's treasure trove of contemporary literature to the rest of the world.

Our vision is to create a space where high quality literary work can be read and be accessible. A space for both emerging and established writers, who dream and write in English. This journal includes Egyptians around the world as well as foreign residents.

If we had an association it would be called the Egyptian English Fiction Writers Association, and this would be its journal.Through our website we are highlighting the "Hybrid" writer, who has chosen a second language for creativity, whether it be French, German, Greek or Hebrew. Rowayat is a window into the diversity of talent and creativity that has always come out of Egypt.

Each issue contains a diversity of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, memoir, travel literature, creative writing lessons, Arabic in translation, as well as a tribute to an Arab country.

Fiction is where there are no shackles against opinions, where freedom exists in its purest form. There is no lobbying, there is no compromise. Fiction is where-Cavafy (born & raised in Egypt) told us it's about the journey not the destination.

Through fiction and art, Rowayat aims to cross boundaries, bring us closer, unite the past, present and future writers emerging and resurrecting from Egypt. We are here, we've always been, we shall be, ever present. The budding writers of the student competition are an insight into our future. In Issue 1: the tribute to Ahmed Fouad Negm, is a window into contemporary Egypt. Jacqueline Kahanoff into our past. You can't understand Egypt or Egyptians from newspaper headlines, but you can come into their homes, and hearts through their writers.

Welcome to Egypt, Welcome to Rowayat.


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Rowayat is relaunching !
After a long hiatus, Rowayat is relaunching in January 2022

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