Cinderella Reloaded

Cinderella Reloaded

By Rania Baelz

Cinderella was back to her old routine. The fairy godmother had accidently reversed her spell and Cinderella spent day after day clearing the ashes from the fireplace. The prince still lived in the palace but Cinderella had woken up one night and found herself back in rags in her stepmother’s house with the stepsisters, who were getting uglier. There was to be a ball soon, but like the last time, her stepmother gave her a long list of chores and went without her. She wept bitterly and the fairy godmother appeared again. The fairy gave Cinderella a lovely dress, glass slippers, and a silver carriage. And again, she told her that the magic would end at midnight.

As Cinderella was on the way to the ball, she realized that the road was much bumpier than last time. The carriage suddenly stopped with a thump and Cinderella fell onto the floor. She opened the door peeked outside and shut the door again. Then she looked again and saw that she was no longer in her hometown but next to a huge pyramid! She carefully stepped outside and nearly fell as the carriage was stuck on top of the neighboring pyramid. Her first thought was to try climbing down but it was impossible as she was still wearing her ball gown. So she looked around, and as nobody was there, she quickly took off the dress and threw it down to the ground. She also took off the slippers and put them in the carriage. As she started climbing down, a wind started to blow. The carriage swayed in the wind and Cinderella climbed faster. She was about three quarters of the way down when the carriage slipped and fell downwards. It tumbled towards her and she just escaped by a few centimeters. She jumped the last part, nearly twisting her ankle, and put on her dress again. She was just about to get into the carriage when she noticed that a wheel had fallen off. It had broken in half.

She decided to explore the area a bit more and set off for a walk around the pyramids. There were three big ones and a few small ones but all looked pretty much the same. She started to get bored and was looking for something more interesting when she spotted a weird-shaped mountain in the distance. She walked towards it finding it all quite fun, sure that the fairy godmother had played a trick on her. As she reached the weird-shaped mountain she realized that it was a lion with a lady’s face and the most beautiful nose. She imagined the view up there and took off her dress to climb onto the statue’s back in her tights and undershirt. From there, she climbed over the head and onto the nose. Suddenly the nose began to crack and Cinderella started slipping. She fell downwards with a thump and lay on the ground for a few minutes unable to move.

The fairy realized she had made a big mistake. She had accidently transformed the carriage into a time cabinet. The story would not end well if Cinderella didn’t come back now. She rushed into her own cabinet and quickly shut the door. Cinderella must have gone to the ancient Egyptians as new cabinets always went to the same time and place. The fairy sat on the chair and pressed a button. The cabinet tumbled through the air and landed neatly beside the carriage. She inspected it from all sides and concluded that it probably had had a bad fall. She couldn’t see Cinderella anywhere, though. She noticed some footsteps leading towards the sphinx and followed them.

Cinderella sat up and shook the sand out of her hair. She put her dress back on and started looking for the slipper she had lost, when a shadow fell over her. She looked up and saw the fairy godmother standing in front of her, a great smile stretched across her face. The fairy said, “Come on, Cinderella dear, you must be tired after all that climbing. Let’s go home.” And Cinderella answered, “I want to have a proper adventure instead of all that fairy tale stuff!” The fairy was shocked and tried dragging Cinderella along with her to the cabinet but Cinderella pulled away and said, “The last fairy tale about me didn’t end well, don’t you remember?” The fairy tried to persuade Cinderella but she wouldn’t go. In the end, Cinderella stormed off leaving the fairy behind.

Cinderella marched on and on unable to accept that the fairy, who had helped her and comforted her when she wasn’t allowed to go to the ball, wanted to spoil her adventure. Suddenly she noticed an entrance into one of the pyramids and slipped inside. She had never seen such a dark and moldy place. The walls were dark and rough, the ceiling was so low that she bumped her head, and the stairs looked as if they led to the underworld. She slowly went down these steps which ended at another stone door. Cinderella tried pushing it open and after a few minutes it started to budge. The next room was also dark and smelled strange. The ceiling was higher in here but the air was at least a thousand years old. At the back, there was yet another door through which Cinderella went. In this room, there were piles of treasure everywhere. The treasure glowed and sparkled and Cinderella desperately wanted to have a closer looked at everything but she knew that it must belong to someone so she left it behind. She went into the next room which smelled like rotting eggs. In the far corner, she saw a gigantic stone box and walked towards it in the hope of more treasure. She opened the lid and looked inside and fainted right on the spot! When she woke up again and looked in the box again, she saw a rotting mummy! She screamed and ran towards the exit but a dark figure blocked her way. The figure chased her, but she quickly found another way and ran down steep steps losing another glass slipper. The tunnels got narrower and suddenly there was a wall blocking the way! She couldn’t go forward or back as she couldn’t turn around in her dress. Her foot trod on a loose stone and the floor opened up and she fell into a trap. She kicked the walls with her bare foot but nothing happened. When this didn’t work she sat down and accidently knocked the glass slipper against the wall. The walls turned into glass and disappeared and Cinderella stepped into the dark desert under the full moon. The next thing she knew, she was being catapulted through the air and landing in the garden of her stepmother’s house.

This was the tale of Cinderella and the fairy godmother in which Cinderella learned that fairy tales are nothing compared to proper adventures.

BREAKING NEWS: Archeologists find Cinderella’s glass slippers in one of the Giza pyramids!  Is there a connection between Cinderella and the pharaohs? Experts try to solve this mystery.

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