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Rana Fouad

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I was born on December the 24th, 1994 in Cairo, Egypt. I write as much as I draw -maybe even more-, I’m always twisted between both forms. Recently, I’ve been growing more into music, motion and various forms of visual arts and the world of Cymatics; which is the art and study of visible sound.

ranaheadshot I find myself in fiction, unnoticed places and stories, science, movies, nature, books, the sky, poetry and greens.

I’ve been studying online for years parallel to my formal studies, I studied Astronomy and Cosmology and now film, and formally I study Public Administration. I am constantly trying to immerse myself in many different worlds.


I connect to a lot of different kinds of art, whether in genre or form. Yet what I’d describe as abstract surrealism is where I float dearly. I like the usage of different mediums and combining different meanings together.

My online portfolio can be found at:

University Runner Ups

First Runner Up - Dina Hekal

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