Tom and Jerry’s Dangerous Christmas

Tom and Jerry’s Dangerous Christmas

By Emma Iacchini

It was a cold Christmas morning in New Jersey, and Tom and Jerry had woken up and swiftly put on their warm slippers and morning robes. The two friends dashed downstairs where they found themselves gazing at the charming Christmas tree that Mrs. Rogers had put up a week before. However, the two mates were looking under the tree, where six wonderfully wrapped gifts were placed. They ran to them, and each got his own present. Jerry gave a sigh of relief, for Tom was hopefully going to get a new present to play with, instead of chasing him all day long . . .

Neither one seemed ecstatic about his present though. Tom got a big ball of wool and Jerry got a black fountain pen with a gold line down the middle and two refills. Jerry loved writing but he already had a whole collection of pens.

Since they were not happy with their presents, they went back to the normal routine: Jerry ran onto Tom’s favorite cushion so Tom leaped on him, and the chase started . . . They made a mess and woke up Mr. and Ms. Rogers. Mr. Rogers came down the stairs yelling and seized them from the scruff of their necks. He opened the door and released them, and they flew out of the house and landed on the soft, cotton-colored snow. Tom and Jerry were shivering so much their teeth almost came off!

They got up and started shuffling around, sometimes collapsing, but they managed to reach a little lake where they found a little raft by the side, moored there, untouched, with a canopy over the top. It was just the right place for them to stay for a while. Tom jumped onto the raft, which shook a little but stopped after a few seconds. Jerry tried to get to the edge closest to the raft, and then he also sprang onto the wooden boat. After a few minutes, they found themselves in a deep sleep; they were very tired and cold after their experience in the snow. They had found a few covers in the corner of the raft, so they took one each. It wasn’t as comfortable as their soft, bouncy, and warm bed, but it was the best they could get, so they just had to deal with it.

Jerry woke up first, and couldn’t believe his eyes! It was warm, they were surrounded by sand, and they were not in the little lake they had found yesterday, but they were on an island . . .

There were big trees in the middle of the island but the thing that surprised Jerry the most were the animals around the raft, just staring at him like he was from another planet. There were multicolored monkeys, very furry spiders with green and blue hairstyles, very small tigers, and so many other funny animals. Jerry couldn’t help giggling at the sight of them.

Then one of the multicolored monkeys said, “What are you laughing at? We are a very rare species; humans hunt for us all around the world, and we,” he said, pointing at the other monkeys, “are the only ones left.”

Jerry then answered, “We are so sorry but this raft has brought us here and we have no idea h—” Jerry put his hand over his mouth. He had spoken! Jerry never had the ability to talk, and now he had actually spoken!

“No idea what?” said the monkey.

“No idea how. Could you please tell me why I am suddenly talking?”

“Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to inform you that any animal on this island can talk and while you are here you may speak as much as you want.”

“Wow! This island is like magic. I will wake up my . . . well, frienemy, let’s say.” The little mouse walked over to the cat and yelled in his ear. Tom woke up with a start.

“Whoah! Where are we? This place is so warm! And how am I . . . how am I t-t-talking?”

“On this island, any animal can talk!” said Jerry happily.

“May I ask your name, my friends?” asked the monkey.

“I am Jerry, and this is Tom.” Jerry said, indicating Tom.

“Very well. I am Lord Chikamuka, and I am the king of our kind, the Katakuta monkeys. We shall make you feel as comfortable as possible. Now, Pikatiki and Lutikati, bring our guests to the best bungalow we have. I hope you enjoy your stay!”

Tom and Jerry followed Pikatiki and Lutikati, with all the other monkeys behind them. It was like a monkey parade! They got to the bungalow, which looked very fancy indeed!

“How will we get back to New Jersey?” asked Tom.

“You will have to find the great King of the Island. He lives deep inside the jungle here, and he can grant you a wish if you do something in return. If you want to get back, this is your only chance, but please stay for the night. You look tired. You can stay and enjoy the beauty of our island today and leave tomorrow. The journey can be very dangerous, so you must relax today and have fun.”

“I guess it is the best thing to do.” said Jerry.

They enjoyed the day, splashing around in the crystal-clear water, drinking cocktails, and playing traditional games. After dinner all the creatures of the island had a meeting with Tom and Jerry in a big bungalow. Lord Chikamuka started talking.

“Hello, my dear fellows. This evening we are joined together to warn our dear guests about the dangerous journey they will face tomorrow.” he said and looked over at Tom and Jerry.

“There are traps in the jungle, and some wild animals. My people and I have decided to hand you some things that could be useful. Before you receive the gifts, I will tell you the story of this island. Many years ago, we were ruled by the Pisiselius, and they tortured us day and night, and made us work non-stop. One day, a little monkey arrived on this island, and saved us all. No one knows how, but he made the Pisiselius disappear, and then he escaped to the jungle and no one ever knew anything more about him. Every day, we eat half of the dishes, and we throw the rest in the fire, to honor our great hero. Today, we are still free, thanks to this brave monkey. However, your journey will be hard, so you must have a good night’s sleep. Meeting done!”

Before going back to the bungalow, Tom and Jerry collected all the gifts and thanked all the monkeys. They said goodbye to everyone, and they went to their bungalow and had a good sleep.

The next morning they work up and got ready for the journey. They headed for the jungle, which was tiring since it was so hot and there was so much sand . . . They finally entered the jungle, which seemed calm to them. They just skipped along and sang songs enjoying the splendor of the jungle.

“Doesn’t seem so hard to cross at all to me, nor dangerous,” said Jerry.

“Agreed,” said Tom.

Just as they said that, they saw a big spider’s web before them. It looked strong and hard for anyone to break. But Tom remembered a knife that the monkeys had given them. He took it out of his bag and slashed the web as easily as anything. The two continued their journey as if nothing had happened. Soon after that they found a few parrots blocking their way.

“Excuse me, may we pass? We need to find the King of the Island.”

“Phwa! Ye think’s’easy? Ye needa climb da tree, but beware, me friends. S’a naughty tree!”

So Tom and Jerry got closer to the palm tree that the parrot was pointing to, and started climbing. Suddenly a coconut fell from the top, and they dodged it, but the coconuts started falling more and more quickly. One hit Jerry, but since he was ahead of Tom, Tom caught hold of him and put him back in his place. They got to the top safely, and they had a wonderful view of the island. There was a long bridge from their palm tree to another one. They started walking, and walking, and then Tom stepped on a plank that broke, but he caught hold of the one next to it. Jerry got a rope from his bag, tied it to a solid plank and gave the other end to Tom, who pulled himself up, and managed to walk to the other side of the bridge safely.

Then they saw a big, purple river. They had to cross it, and they could swim. Looked easy enough! But as they were approaching it, there was one of the big, furry spiders that they had seen when they got to the island.

“Where exactly do you think you are going?” asked the spider.

“We need to get to the king of the jungle. Can we cross the river now?”

“It is poisonous. The only way you can cross it is by making a wooden raft. There is a big pile of wood over there.”

Tom and Jerry started collecting the wood, but they had no idea how to actually make the raft. They thought hard, until Jerry had an idea. He got the rope that the monkeys had given them and tried tying all the wood together. It was hard work, but they did it. Then the spider said, “You need the paddles as well, and to get them, you have to fight the purple mosquitos.”

The spider took them to a part of the jungle where the trees were bigger. Standing in front of them were five mosquitos, each as big as Jerry. Tom and Jerry took a knife each from the bag and started fighting. It was pretty hard work, and Jerry was almost taken prisoner, but Tom gave the mosquito a big shove and it flew away. On the mosquito king’s throne were two paddles, each one meter long, and the friends quickly ran and took them.

After their success, Tom and Jerry ran to the river and quickly jumped on the boat. They crossed the river, and when they got to the other side they saw a pair of doors which opened at their approach. They walked in, admiring the beauty of the roofless palace. At last they found a big board, with a shadow on it.

“Who are you, and what do you want?”

“We accidentally got washed over to this island and we would like to get back to New Jersey,” said Jerry.

“Very well. What will you do in return?”

“What would you like?” said Tom, and while Tom and the King of the Island were having their conversation, Jerry noticed a light at the back of the room shining on the board. He frowned, and grabbed hold of the board.

“What are you doing Jerry? Come back!” said Tom.

“Umm, e-e-exactly Jerry, go back!” added the King.

But Jerry ignored them. He pulled down the board and discovered a very small monkey, maybe Jerry’s size.

“Please, do not tell anyone about this. I shall let you go back to New Jersey if you don’t tell anyone this. Everyone thinks I am big and grand, but really I am nothing but a little monkey with lots of power,” he said with a sad voice.

“You . . . you are the monkey who saved the animals on this island from the Pisiselius? Well, we will not say a word about you if you bring us back to New Jersey.”

“Your wish will be granted. Goodbye, my friends.”

As soon as he said that, they found themselves back at the door of their house in New Jersey. Literally speechless, but happy to be back.

Mrs. Rogers gave them a big hug, and sent them upstairs, where they got under the covers and slept in two minutes!

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